Terms & Conditions

We strongly recommend that you are protected by holiday/travel insurance prior to making a booking.

We welcome respectful visitors to Great Langdale Glamping, which is situated on a working fell farm. Due to it being a working farm you can often here Cockerels crowing, Sheep bleating, Dogs barking & a few feral children running about. We respectfully ask that you are fully aware of this – we’re not a holiday park or campsite in the traditional sense, this is our home.

Our timber glamping pods may be compact and bijou, but contain everything that you could need to have a relaxing stay. Each pod has a double bed and a small pull out sofa bed. The pod can accommodate 2 adults comfortably, and upto 2 small children on the sofa bed. We would not recommend a single pod for 2 adults & 2 teenagers for example, it’ll be a very tight squeeze!

All bookings via our online system should be treated as provisional until you receive confirmation email. To secure your booking a non-refundable deposit of 25% (minimum £100 or full payment) of the cost of your stay is required. Bookings must be paid in full 6 weeks before your stay. If the booking is less than 6 weeks from the date of your stay, the full price of the stay is required.

Payment can be made online by debit or credit card at time of your booking. Confirmation of the booking will be sent after the deposit (or full payment), has been received. If the balance is not paid by the due date Great Langdale Glamping (Harry Place Farm) reserves the right to re-let the pods and retain the deposit.

When you submit a booking and payment via our online system you will be requested to read and accept these terms and conditions of booking. You will receive an automatically generated booking confirmation and payment summary by email to the email address you provided. This email forms a contract between you and Great Langdale Glamping (Harry Place Farm).

Great Langdale Glamping (Harry Place Farm) only accepts bookings from persons over 18 years of age. The maximum number of adults in the accommodation is two. Great Langdale Glamping (Harry Place Farm) reserves the right, at all times, to refuse or cancel a booking.

If you or anyone in your household (even if they are not travelling with you e.g. children, relatives) are showing signs of Coronavirus, you must not travel to stay at Great Langdale Glamping (Harry Place Farm). We operate self-check in at Great Langdale Glamping (Harry Place Farm) however we advise you stay at home if you feel unwell. If you choose to travel and self check in you are certifying that you and your travel companion are fit, well and showing no signs of Coronavirus.

Your accommodation will be ready by 4pm on the day of arrival. We are located in the Lake District National Park and, consequently, there is limited external lighting on site (bring a torch), because of this, we ask for all arrivals by 9pm, all year round. Your accommodation must be vacated by 10am on day of departure.

Keys will be in the door if we are not about.

If you cancel less than 6 weeks before the start of your holiday, we will endeavour to re-let your accommodation. If we are unable to do so, we regret that we will be unable to refund any monies paid. Should you give us more than 6 weeks notice, we will refund monies paid, less your deposit, or reschedule your stay for another date. An administration fee of £50 will be charged in this instance. We strongly recommend that you have appropriate holiday insurance cover.

If you are unable to travel due to personal illness (e.g. Coronavirus or other illness) our cancellation policy applies.

If Government policies restrict travel and you are unable to travel to stay with us, you will have the option to postpone your stay to a later date (subject to any changes in prices applicable for the new dates) or receive a full refund.

Unfortunately, as we are a working farm - dogs or any other animal/pet of any kind are NOT allowed on site or within the accommodation.

We want all our guests to enjoy a peaceful, relaxing stay with us. To remain tranquil, and so as not to disturb the wildlife or other guests, we do not allow any music or radios outside the cabins as noise is amplified as it travels up the valley. Please use headphones if you wish to listen to music.

We also ask you to be conscious of how much noise you are making around the firepit at night. After 10.30pm the only sound that should be generally audible in the field is hooting owls, the snuffling of the badgers and a low murmuring of our guests enjoying the sunset and some tranquil star gazing.

We reserve the right to ask your party to leave if there is repeated noise after having received two warnings. As you will have breached the terms of your contract with us, no refunds will be given.

Due to the high fire risk with a wooden structure, the use of candles and tea lights is not permitted inside or in the immediate vicinity of the pods.

Due to the high fire risk with a wooden structure, the use of fireworks, sparklers and Chinese lanterns are not permitted across the entire site, at any time.

Logs can be purchased for £10 a bag and can be used on the fire pit /log burner & hot tub . Please do not use your own sourced/bought wood as it would invalidate our insurance. Please also note that you cannot dry clothes against the wood burner and it is not allowed to be lit if the sofa bed is in use, (this will invalidate our insurance).

We make no extra charge for the use of hot tubs, but we reserve the right to disallow their use. For example, storm conditions, extreme weather conditions or where water short. We do not provide refunds or reductions for any restriction of hot tub use.

People with heart disease, high or low blood pressure, any serious illness or who are pregnant, should not use the hot tub without consulting their doctor first.

People with skin, ear, genital or other body infections should not use the hot tub to avoid spreading infection.

It is advised that children under the age of four should not use the hot tubs. Never allow children to use the hot tub unsupervised.

Please be aware that the heat of the water can speed up the effects of alcohol.

Do not immerse your head in the water as it increases the risk of infection (and you could drown).

Do not use electrical appliances near the water to avoid electric shocks.

Do not use any contaminants such as bubble bath, oils etc. in the water as they will affect the life of the timber.

The burner is protected by a guard and you should not make any attempt to touch the burner whilst lit.

Never allow the water temperature to go over 40 degrees Celsius (lower for children).

Please be careful when entering and exiting the tub - the steps can be wet.

Due to H&S please do not excessively be under the influence of alcohol when entering/ exiting or sitting in the hot tub.

We have zero drug policy. Any users found in possession of drugs or attempting to consume drugs will be asked to leave the hot tub premises immediately. No refunds will be given.

Please ensure tub is covered when not in use.

On first use the hot tub will take 1 - 2 hours to heat up, Thereafter it should be around an hour if the lid had been kept on and secured correctly.

Only wood purchased from Great Langdale Glamping can be used & nothing else can be burnt in the stove.

The hot tub must not be in use on day of departure as we can only drain it down when the stove is cool

Depending on water temperature it is advisable that you do not stay on the hot tub for more that and 1 hour.

Please check the water with your hand before just jumping in as it may be too hot.

Please leave the accommodation tidy (please remember to strip the bed when you leave) and let us know if anything gets broken, so we can replace it for our next guest. We will only charge for replacement in exceptional circumstances, as we expect a degree of wear and tear. If damage is directly attributable to the guest, then we reserve the right to request payment up to £150 from the guest. Guests will be charged for any item(s) that are removed or lost from the accommodation

Smoking /vaping is not permitted in the pods or outside on the wooden deck area. If you smoke outside on the fell, please dispose of your butts responsibly.

Should there be a failure in a utility service (e.g. water, heating, electricity, sewerage) please notify us immediately and we will aim to restore the service as quickly as possible. However, should any utility service failure extend beyond a 12 hour period from notification, for your health and safety reasons you will be asked to leave the accommodation and your accommodation fee for the duration lost will be fully refunded or you will be offered to re-book for another time, subject to availability.

Great Langdale Glamping (Harry Place Farm) is located in the Lake District National Park and has been carefully designed to provide maximum guest comfort and convenience whilst respecting the surrounding natural environment and its native inhabitants. Please note there is low pathway lighting to the pods from the car parking area & access to the pods is via a slope. If you need any assistance then please let us know at time of booking.

We have provided recycling bins for all recyclable waste and ask that you please use these as much as possible. Your Welcome Information pack advises you of what is recyclable locally.

Great Langdale Glamping (Harry Place Farm) holds no responsibility for guests who are unable to attend due to extreme weather or traffic conditions (e.g. snow, flooding, high winds, road traffic accidents/congestion, train delays, etc.). If a guest is unable to reach Great Langdale Glamping (Harry Place Farm) due to adverse weather conditions or travel issues, you will lose your full payment and an alternative date will not be offered. Please ensure you have full holiday / travel insurance to cover such eventualities. If we make the decision to cancel your stay for safety reasons due to extreme weather (snow or high winds), we will offer you an alternative date, subject to availability.

No responsibility is accepted for loss or damage of property, vehicles or vehicle contents belonging to guests during their occupancy.
You agree that we shall not be liable for any incident, accident, injury, loss or damage suffered to you or anyone in your party, howsoever caused, whilst on or around Harry Place Farm.
If you leave an item behind in the pods, you can request for us to return it by post. There is a fixed charge of £5.00 for this service.

Great Langdale Glamping (Harry Place Farm) accepts no liability for events prior to or during your stay totally beyond our control, e.g. destruction of property due to flood, fire, earthquakes or acts of nature; or if the property becomes uninhabitable due to irreparable damage or on Health & Safety grounds that could not reasonably have been foreseen. In such instances, refunds will be at the discretion of Great Langdale Glamping (Harry Place Farm) management.